The Future of DeFi and Cryptocurrency trading 

Earniom is the world’s first hybrid DeFi and Exchange platform. People will enjoy a fast, secure, and user-friendly ecosystem while maintaining a high level of security and anonymity.

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to crypto.


Why Choose Earniom?


One Click Trading

DeFi that let you grow!

Be Your own Bank with Earniom Defi. Earniom Defi will open up the door to generate passive income massively through yield farming, lending, and staking. Earniom Defi allows you to stake your NFT brilliantly and generate passive income. With Earniom DeFi wallet, you will control your keys and your finance!



Earniom Exchange Platform is going to be one of the fastest exchanges in the market. You can be sure that your orders will never be slow on our exchange. Thanks to our lighting speed matching engine and light UI. Our matching engine will sustain up to 1,600,000 orders/second, making it one of the fastest exchanges in the market today.


At Earniom, we believe that we can achieve 4-5 steps with our innovative yet straightforward intuitive UI approach. In a world of speed, less is more. Earniom's platform design will focus on what is important for the end-users to maximize their time value. We believe it is essential that people can get in and out of trade and move money quickly.


NFT pricing pool with DeFi integration.

Earniom platform is introducing the first of its kind NFTs pricing pool that rewards users and allow NFTs holders to access liquidity up to 50% LTV that they can stake in their DeFi wallet and  start generating passive income. 

Low Fees

Users will transact on the Earniom platform with extremely low gas fees. Earniom will have 1/10 in gas fees comper to what Eth has now! In other words, people will pay 90% less in gas fees on Earniom platform compare to other exchanges. Our Token is native to Binance Smart Chain, which gives it low gas fees by default. Moreover, holders of Earniom Token will enjoy up to 50% discounts on their overall transactions! We want to make Earniom the ultimate trading platform with the lowest gas fess.

User Frindly Platform

User-friendly platform that optimizes desgin and speed to achieve the end-users needs. Our Platform is designed with the end-user in mind. While many projects are focusing on the technicals, we focus on the UI/UX and how to achieve maximum efficiency while introducing new features. Our goal is to open the crypto world for mass adoption and the only way to achieve that is by simplification. 

Top Notch Security 

Earniom protects users’ assets from hacks as their assets are stored in cold storage. Earniom is being built on a Hybrid blockchain system that has the best security and anonymity there is. Your Crypto is super safe with Earniom.


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Token Distribution 

Earniom Token is build to reward booth holders and users. There will be a 10% fee taken from every "Sell" transaction to then be distributed  50/50 to every Earniom Token holder and to our LP pool. This is very important to sustain Earniom LP and ensure that Earniom Token will increase in value. Not only that but holders will enjoy 50% transaction fee discount on our platform in the first year. Everyone will have the chance to earn more Tokens as a rewards when they participate in Earniom NFTs  pricing pool.  With Earniom there are many ways you can earn and make profits. 

Token Holders


Liquidity Pool


Token Launch 

Creation of Earniom Token

Creating Earniom Token on BSC


90% including dev Tokens will be burn at the time of launch 

Successful lanch on Unicrypt

We will have our IDO launch on Unicrypt 

 LP locked on Unicrypt for 2 years

IDO finish, the we will create the liquidity pool. 

LP created with every transaction and locked on Pancakeswap

The pool is being fueled and sustaned with every transaction to protect the Token price

Road Map


Q3 2021

Platform development & Global promotion started.

Core team assembled, R&D center established, Initial White paper completed and circulated to potential angel investors. Earniom social media presents start.

Q1 2021

Q2 2021

Earniom marketing campaign announced

Q3 2021

Earniom IDO announced

Q4 2021

Earniom mobile exchange released and Earniom Token alongside other cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange.

Q1 2022

Earniom DeFi wallet and NFTs feature released.


Where can I buy your token?

You can buy Earniom Token on Unicrypt and later on Panckakswap.

When will Earniom Token be listed on Panckackswap

Our IDO will soon be announced.  Listing on Packackswap will happen automatically after our IDO finishes. We are planing on listing Earniom on many exchanges starting with PCS this July 2021.

How can I reach a representative?

Fill out the contact form below and one of our team members with reach back to you as soon as possible.  

When will your platform launch?

Please refer to our road map. 

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