Our mission is to accelerate the world transition to crypto

Our goal is to make Earniom FULLY decentralized ecosystem where the people have the power and control over their assets

About Earniom

Born out of the need to solve today's traders and investors issues with crypto exchange platforms, Earniom will be the world’s first cohesive mobile-based hybrid crypto exchange platform. People will enjoy fast, secure, and much more user-friendly features while maintaining a high level of security. Earniom will use several channels and aggregators on the blockchain to achieve the best price for our customers. Our platform will bring an array of both centralized and decentralized features like DeFi, NFTs and Real Estate Smart Contracts.

To achieve our goal and complete our mission, we have to fix the following issues:



Trade Blocking

High Gas Fees

Complexity: Many crypto exchange platforms are overly complex and technically obtuse. They often choose to focus on the technicals and forget what the end-users feel when they use their platforms! Peoples who are new to crypto find it extra hard to navigate these exchange platforms. Users are routinely confronted by an abysmal user experience (UX) and forced to shoulder a steep learning curve before they even make their first trade. That's why we've built an intuitive platform epitomizing simplicity, ease and sheer transparency.

Frictions: Too often, crypto exchange platforms and applications make users jump through endless hoops just to register or move their assets. In fact, on average, it takes six to eight steps to execute a trade or transfer assets. Earniom has changed all that with our patented quick-step process enabling users to begin trading in mere seconds.

Trade Blocking: Earniom is an entirely open and free platform. We protect our users from transactional impediments at every turn. With Earniom, you can rest assured that we will never block your trades or curtail your transactions. That's a promise you can count – and trade – on.

Low Gas Fees Users will transact on the Earniom platform with extremely low gas fees. Earniom will have 1/10 in gas fees comper to what Eth has now! In other words, people will pay 90% less in gas fees on Earniom platform compare to other exchanges. Our Token is native to Bianince Smart Chain, which gives it low gas fees by default. Moreover, holders of Earniom Token will enjoy up to 50% discounts on their overall transactions! We want to make Earniom the ultimate trading platform with the lowest gas fess.

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Earniom Exchange Platform

Our matching engine will sustain up to 1,600,000 orders/second, making it one of the fastest exchanges in the market today. You will never experience a slow order on our exchange. Thanks to our light UI. Later we plan to build our own block-chain with a fiat gateway on completely fast and decentralized exchange platform.

Earniom Exchange Platform is going to be one of the fastest exchanges in the market. You can be sure that your orders will never be slow on our exchange. Thanks to our lighting speed matching engine and light UI.

At Earniom, we believe that we can achieve 4-5 steps with our innovative yet straightforward intuitive UI approach. In a world of speed, less is more. Earniom's platform design will focus on what is important for the end-users to maximize their time value. We believe it is essential that people can get in and out of trade and move money quickly.

Hybrid Exchange

Why Hybrid Exchange?

Hybrid Exchange Diagram

Benefits of a Hybrid Crypto Exchange

Hybrid exchanges are engineered to be faster than DEXs supporting real-time service accessibility.

Users have complete ownership of their funds even when third parties regulate and operate the exchange.

Hybrid exchange gives complete privacy and anonymity to exchange users.

The hybrid exchange has more flexibility in being compliant with different digital currency laws in different jurisdictions.

Finally, protect users’ assets from hacks as their assets are stored in cold storage.

Like decentralized exchanges, a hybrid exchange uses smart contracts to ensure no entity imposing on the integrity of the trade. In short, this diminishes security risks and places the safety of a customer’s assets on a blockchain rather than relying on a company.

Earniom DeFi

defi image

If its not your keys, its not your wallet

Earniom will offer a Defi wallet where people can lend, borrow and transact in a decentralized environment. Our final goal is to build a fully integrated decentralized ecosystem giving users the freedom to invest and securely move assets.

Users will be able to grow their crypto holdings with various yield generating offers on Earniom DeFi. Users will have multiple options to stake, lend and grow a strong crypto portfolio. Yield farming is another way where users can make healthy returns on their money. With Earniom DeFi, the more ENM Tokens you hold in your wallet, the more incentives and rewards you will get. People will have multi-functional DeFi that generates yield non-stop. The more volatile the market is, the more profits you will generate. We are building an ecosystem where Earniom users will have many ways to compound their earnings.

keys image
platform wallet screenshot

Earniom NFTs

nft image

Earniom NFTs the new way of using your NFTs

We plan to introduce NFTs lease and borrow smart contract features in a decentralized environment where people can earn passive income on their NFTs. At Earniom Platform, people will put their NFTs in use rather than having them sitting collecting digital dust.

animals nfts

The idea of renting your NFTs is interesting. While many projects focus on selling/buying NFTs, we at Earniom are taking a different approach. We want to provide a way for people to put their NFTs to use and make money out of them. Also, Earniom NFTs market will give a chance for people who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to buy an NFT and get the benefit of owning them. If you are a gamer and want to advance in a game using that NFT, you can do so by renting it on Earniom. If you have a show and want to put that NFT in your gallery for a specific period, you can do so with Earniom Platform. With Earniom People will enjoy owning and using NFTs without paying big dollars.

nfts platform screenshot

Real Estate Smart Contract
at Earniom

real estate image

Later we plan to introduce a Real Estate smart contract protocol that will bring the rusty Real Estate transactions method to its knee.

Using our smart contract protocol, users of Earniom will be able to buy/sell their home and be their own bank.

The whole process is straightforward, transparent, fast and above all secure. People will have the option to buy all out right or finance.

All that in one simple user friendly mobile app! Sellers and buyers can agree on the crypto type they want to transact with. Every transaction is verifiable, timestamped, and indisputable. That way, Blockchain could give a highly guarded history of ownership that cannot be altered. Moreover, records on the Blockchain can survive any disaster unlike traditional local registry channels.

real estate platform screenshot

Earniom White Paper

whitepaper image


April 2021
Core team assembled, R&D center established. Initial White paper completed and circulated to potential angel investors.
Earniom social media presents start.
May 2021
White Paper released to the public, Website goes live, and Earniom Token Creation.
Pre ICO sale starts for early investors.
June 2021
Earniom ICO marketing campaign announced Live Now
July 2021
Earniom ICO launch
August 2021
Platform development & Global promotion started
October 2021
Mobile apps (Android, iOS) released
November 2021
Earniom Token listed on the exchange
December 2021
Over 30 mainstream cryptocurrency pairs listed, daily exchange volume expected 4,000 BTC
March 2022
Earniom is rolling new features in NFTs and Real Estate
June 2022
Earniom is ranked one of the best user-friendly Mobile-based crypto exchange platform
June 2023
Earniom is one of the 10 Top HX Crypto platform in the market

Token Distribution

token-distribution pie chart


Earniom Token is being created on Binance Smart Chain which gives it low fee by default compere to ERC20. Users will suffer NO high fees when they buy/sell or transact with our ENM Token. Even farther than that, people will enjoy huge discount when they hold Earniom Token on our platform.

That goes to the main premise Earniom is being built upon, the end user benefit.

Symbol: ENM

ENM Token will be a deflationary token. We will allocate 15% of ENM Tokens to be destroyed. Every time we do that, we will be announcing it to the community and it will be publicly verifiable.

People who are ENM holders for more than 90 days on our platform will be rewarded with more ENM. We are incentivizing people to be part of our revolution. The more ENM Token you have and hold the more rewards you will get.


CEO & CFO image
Maytham Al
Blockchain developer image
Sascha Hotmann
Blockchain Developer
front end developer
Emilio Hurtado
Front-end Developer
blockchain developer image
David Jeyaseelan
Blockchain Developer


Mr Belkin image
Mr. Yaroslav Belikin

Mr. Belkin focuses exclusively on Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies with extensive experience in Blockchain Marketing and PR. As a professional with a meticulous sense for details, he is well known in major US, European and Asian regions for his experience and success stories. He is regularly mentioned in crypto news media as one of the top experts in the blockchain space.

Mr Ian image
Mr. Ian T. Staley

"Ian T. Staley, MSM, CEO & Founder of Socratic Consultancy, brings Earniom nearly a decade of leadership experience in the US Real Estate Closing Industry. Currently, Ian serves as a Regional Chair for The Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE), he serves as a Member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council for the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), and he serves as a Professional Member and Consultant for the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). Ian brings multiple years of leadership experience working with Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Crypto-as-a-Service (CaaS) providers and has been a retail investor in the crypto space since the end of 2017. Ian is very excited to join the Earniom Advisory Board to help accelerate the world's transition to crypto!"

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to buy ENM Token directly when our ICO goes public. But for now make sure to register your info and reserve your spot.
Earniom Token will be listed on many exchanges both decentralized and centralized but above all it will be listed on Earniom exchange platform. So rest assured, Earniom Token is going to be listed.
Please refer to Binance Smart-chain and search for Earniom (ENM).
Kindly refer to our road map.
Please send us an email and we will reach back on how to participate in our early sale.
The Pre-ICO sale will last until June 30th, 2021.
Our token ticker is ENM.
Well to start, Earniom Token has may strong mechanism behind it that makes it valuable. First, its a deflationary token by nature. Earniom will have distraction/(Burnout) event for its ENM Token form time to time to reduce the amount of existing ENM Token in the market. Second, Earniom Token is a utility token which gives it the value whenever you transact on Earniom platform. Finally, Earniom Token will have a rewards program in the form of Airdrop for ENM Token holders which means the more you holed the more we will reward you.
Yes, Earniom Token will have very low gas fees.
Yes. You will be able to trade your ENM Token like anyother Token.
ENM Token is a utility Token.

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